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   04/19/2018, By Levisa Dixon
OMG!!! I just got my flawless wig in the mail... it is a stunning unit!!! Anybody that's looking for something soft fit well and beautiful hair chose this one you won't go wrong!!!!
   04/17/2018, By Lashan M Gorlero
love this hair def. worth what i paid its soft and looks like your real hair
   04/17/2018, By magnolia127
I am in love with this wig!!! I ordered the 16 inch. I bleached the knots and followed the washing instructions on the care packet and I am in love!! I have had no issues with tangling or shedding!! Every time I wet it it is just gorgeous!!! Even when it dries it’s still beautiful!! As long as yu kno how to care for your wig you can’t go wrong!! I would definitely recommend and I will definitely purchase from this vendor again!! I am in love 5 stars from me
   04/16/2018, By Louise K.
Love Love love this wig. One of the bests I’ve had. Been wearing it for about 2 months everyday. I put an elastic band in it to keep it on my head tight. I wash and detangle once a week with conditioner. I will definitely order this unit again.
   04/15/2018, By Chrisbell
I just received this hair an I have to say it is COMPLETELY AMAZING! The hair is soft and the curl pattern is beautiful.
   04/15/2018, By Michele Poindexter
I love this hair. I didn't get much shedding, but I also just finger through it vs. brushing & combing. I haven't bleached it yet, this is right out the package. I have a big head and it fits very comfortably, LOL! It no smell. I plan to perfect it and buy another. I purchased the 150% density - 24 inch. I'm very happy, well worth the money.
   04/14/2018, By Sunshyne
   04/13/2018, By robin malloryo
Sooooo I ordered this hair on Wednesday it came Friday and I LOVEEEEE IT! I ordered the 20in lace front wig and I bleached the knots of didn't pluck anything or cut any baby hair it literally came beautiful! Buy this WIG!
   04/13/2018, By tynetta brown
LOVE,LOVE LOVE This unit. It's worth every dime spent. I was hesitant at first but after reading the reviews I decided to purchase. So glad I did. Like one of the reviews said when you see the small box you go OH NO! But like they say good things come in small packages you'll be happy with purchase. Hair has no smells. Hair very soft and bouncy.  I absolutely love it.
   04/13/2018, By Chanell Whiteo
Beautiful wig. Delivery was accurate. Curl pattern is just amazing. I did customize the unit to my liking and shedding occurred but that's normal after pucking, bleaching knots and tinting the lace. I have yet to install this unit but i will follow up with a another review after I've given it a good wearing. Over all I'm happy with this purchase.
   04/12/2018, By V. Holman
*Honest Review *  I read the reviews over and over again before deciding to purchase it. I ordered the 18 inch full lace in NC 130 density. I feel in love with the hair right out the box. It was soft, curl pattern was just like the picture and I love the density not to thin or thick. Took 5 days to arrrive. Curls are flawless and full of life. Very very little shedding after it dried it was still soft and beautiful and did not tangle. I used the airbrush spray (medium color) to cover the knots and tint the lace and I will pluck the hair line a little more to make it look more natural but I would recommend this hair 100%. I also added a elastic band for the perfect fit. I don't plan on dying it because I love the natural color and I want to prolong the hair. I will definanlty be ordering from here again it's worth the money!!!!
   04/10/2018, By crystal hawkins
This wig is the best. Hair is soft and bouncy. I’ve had it for about a month now so this is a true review. Get this wig if you’re thinking about it.. yes the hair does shedc it’s curly hair so expect that! It didn’t shed as much until after a month or wear and tear. Pease do make sure a professional installs it because if you don’t know how to it won’t come out how you expect. I’m a stylist and I do my own hair. I love this wig... get it!
   04/09/2018, By Thoreau Lynn
Very good hair!!I will recommend this hair and and company to everyone who asks.
   04/09/2018, By chandra battee
Just received my wig, also with wig lace cap and wig stand.  this is my second wig the first one was weavy and it's still pretty a little oil and water so beautiful it's going on 2 months with the first one hopefully this curly one will do the same LOVE it. I wore my curly wig today so pretty the curl are very nice even after I washed it. I will buy another wig just to have. This company is the best and the wigs are so pretty. LOVE<LOVE both of my wigs
   04/08/2018, By Lysh
This wig is fantastic! I bought it for vacation and it was full and beautiful. I went swimming in a pool with it on (my mistake) because it did dull the hair and it started breaking off. However, I bought another one just because before I went swimming it was flawless for about 2-3 weeks so I'm excited to see how long the new one will last without the chlorine damaging the hair. I'll give another review after the new one comes in. Give it a try!

This is my second wig I bought from them and let me tell you it does not disappoint! I want to be selfish and not recommend this so I can keep getting the best product, butttt that wouldn't be fair! This is a GEM!
   04/07/2018, By Greta Snowden
This is some beautiful silky hair I didn't realize the 14 inch was as long as it is. So I haven't worn it out yet because I'm not used to such long hair, but I can tell you this it is absolutely gorgeous, it's silky and thick the lace on it is outstanding I am completely happy with the look, the feel, the touch, the curls and the quality of this hair.
Plus there is hardly no shedding or very little shedding at all.
   04/07/2018, By K Fit
Great wig. I bought a 16 in and its past bra strap length. Minimal shedding, the hair is really soft.
   04/07/2018, By mati
First off the shipping was superfast and awesome. The hair didn't have any smell and came packaged nicely. I love it...so far so good..no tangles and no shedding. Super soft beautifully made. It curls and flat irons very well...I have received numerous compliments....i would highly recommend this product!!! I guess after a couple of weeks I will provide a new update on endurance :)
   04/07/2018, By Ebony Rose
This wig is absolutely perfect!
I purchased the (Lace Frontal 20inches) ... you must customize your lace and cut it correctly in order to see the best results.
Make sure you know what you are doing or get a professional - all n all, this wig is beautiful!
   04/06/2018, By Sam Taylor
All I did was bleach the knots, wash the hair and gel the front lace it to my head! Hairline is so natural, hair is soft. Very minimal shedding but I believe that's due to me bleaching the knots. If the hair holds up, I will 100% buy again.
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