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Customer Reviews
   11/25/2021, By Andrea
I love this wig. It's more of a bone straight relaxer texture,the plucking was perfect.
   11/19/2021, By Tiffany Nelson
The texture resembles a nice press on natural hair. I like it since I'm not a fan of the silky straight look.
   10/23/2021, By tenisha brown
So You guys this Wig is so worth the money!Hairs really soft, sleek and straight,There was no smell, and it’s pre plucked with some baby hairs.
   10/21/2021, By shilysha
Loved this hair! I plucked the hairline when it came to make it look more realistic. The hair is super soft and doesn’t shed a lot.
   10/12/2021, By Sacora Hymon
the curls are perfect and are not tangled up at all.I’m very happy about the quality of the hair and I can’t wait to put it on.
   09/28/2021, By Qun
This wig is amaaaazing! I’ve had it for weeks, it had a little shedding when i unboxed but since then it hasn’t been an issue at all. Would buy from this seller again
   09/24/2021, By Tia Brady
It's day 3, and today at my job someone said to me your hair is so beautiful, you have very strong hair not everyone has that.
The hair is so gorgeous and full and real to the touch and everything there is about real hair.
   09/08/2021, By Norah N
My very 1st time buying hair online and i fell in love. It’s really soft and pretty ! The closure was prefect didn’t have to bleach it at all! Does have minimum shedding . I will definitely be buying from them again.
   09/07/2021, By Natalie Walker
It took me weeks to decided but after watching many YouTube video and reading previous reviews I decided to order and I couldn’t be happier. Very natural look and feel.
   09/03/2021, By Veda Mclean
This is another fantastic unit from Original Queen. I love their service,units, and professionalism. This is my second unit. I love it. I cannot wait to purchase the third. I have them in my cart. Thank you for ending my search and saving me money.
   09/01/2021, By Jasmine love
This hair is life. Like literally. I usually bye lace fronts but this is the first one that I like the most. I usually get long hair, this time I chose to get a 18 inch. It is soft,and beautiful.
   08/31/2021, By Mandy Smith
It has been 2 months since this wig purchase and I’m still in love.  I was her once a week and blow dry her.  I have experienced VERY minimal shedding.  She is definitely durable.
   08/27/2021, By Latisha Ward
I’m very satisfied with the quality of this wig, I ordered one 14 inch wig , I am so happy with the quality ,it was shipped and delivered so quick. This hair is truly 100% human hair it’s nice and soft, doesn't shed at all. The lace is amazing.the curl is beautiful .
   08/26/2021, By Faith coleman
Don’t think twice just purchase !!!!!! This hair is amazing . It’s full the texture is beautiful literally perfect for the summer. I received my hair in two days . As soon as I opened the package I was in love I had to install the hair immediately and I am so happy that I did. The hair is so soft and true to length also the lace is really good. What I was most impressed with is the quality of the hair and lace . You will not regret your purchase ❤️
   08/25/2021, By Angeline Alcindor
I got 14” 150% density, fell a little past my shoulders and the back was longer than the rest, but I cut it to look more like my natural hair length and it falls right at my shoulders. Sorry about the videos lol but sis after some water sis these curls was Poppin ✨ I wouldn’t buy again because i got this one and I’m cheap lmao BUT would recommend to everyone! Go ahead and buy it.
   08/24/2021, By Kirby
the hair is beautiful!! i received they’re curly in 20’ inches and it’s by far the best curly hair i’ve ever had! the shedding is minimal, has a nice luster, and is very true to length.
   08/23/2021, By Lisa Mays
Perfect for me as a busy mom. Hair didn’t tangle and the curls are gorgeous
   08/21/2021, By Liz Taylor
Hair really soft. Curl are loose and full
   08/20/2021, By Zay Oliver
I order this 360 wig just to try out a wig for the first time and I am very satisfied. This hair is very soft , little to no shedding, holds curls, and ready to wear. I will purchase from this company again. The next time I will order a longer length, I only ordered the 18 inch to try it out. LOVE THIS WIG!!!
   08/19/2021, By Cassie Owens
This wig was beautiful and the hair quality was amazing. The wig was easy to wash and comb while wet. The lace also didn’t need to be bleached and only needed a little foundation powder to make it blend. I bought this item again after a year of wear. It's definitely worth your money.
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