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   03/24/2018, By Tammara Williams
Very nice, soft hair. I ordered a 12". The unit fit very snugly. I washed the hair and flat ironed it with no shedding. The knots will need to be bleached but the hairline will require minimal customization. Came nicely packaged with no odor.
   03/24/2018, By jd
Excellent Customer Satisfaction!! I received this unit in great timing even with the condition of the weather. The unit purchased is a 14” 360 Wig, great quality and feels Awesome. Baby hairs pre plucked and the color of the cap is medium brown. Please feel free to comment or ask questions if you need more information. I searched wigs for days and prayed the unit I got was as described and it was!! Thanks classicwigs
   03/24/2018, By Brittany sneed
OMG! This hair is amazing! I will definitely post pics. The quality is really nice and soft. The length was perfect (16 in). This is my first 360 lace wig and I am still extremely surprised at the fit. I'm originally a bad baldy so I shave my head often but I just love changing my style up. Most wigs I have are just regular lace front so they don't really stay secured to the back of my head...I'm always pulling them down and I'm too lazy to sew on a band. But this fit is AMAZING!!!!!  This wig cap does have wefts in it so it can't be parted from the front to the back but It's great for a high pony. The lace was a good color, the knots had to be bleached, no big deal though.This hair holds curls very nicely.
   03/23/2018, By Teyanna
This was my first lace frontal wig and I love it. I get so many compliments on how natural and realistic the hair piece looks on me. Considering this was my first wig it is very low maintenance. It looks great straightened or with the natural curls. Overall a pretty good unit.
   03/23/2018, By ROC1
Received this unit today and could not be happier. The hairline is perfect and the hair is very soft . It's a little curly right now but it should loosen nicely. Very happy customer!
   03/23/2018, By Victoria C.
Reviews don't lie!! This unit is soooo soft, no shedding or smell. I haven't installed it yet but I will soon. I will definitely be ordering from this company again.
   03/22/2018, By Kenneth Lewis
Beautiful hair! I just received my order and the hair is so soft, bouncy curls and great luster. The construction of the wig is well made. The hair has no smell and very lightweight. I like full hair so I may add bundles once I am ready for install. The lace matched my complexion, knots not bleached. Overall very satisfied with my order. Will update more once installed! This is my first 360.
   03/22/2018, By Chrislyn Williams
i have never written a review on a product evverrrrr in my life. But this baby was so beyond my expectations. i have spent way more on human hair wigs and the hair was never this beautiful and so perfect. The wig is already pre-plucked with a natural looking scalp part any way you part it, plus the baby hairs are so on fleek! The texture of the hair is extremely soft, and the curl pattern is beautiful. This vendors hair is top notch. I cant wait to wear my new baby!
   03/22/2018, By Diaka
This hair is really soft and beautiful. The lace is the perfect tone for my daughter’s complexion. There was no smell when we first opened the package and the included a nice wig cap and wig stand along with the hair. Others have mentioned the cap being on the smaller side and I agree. My daughter has a small head so that’s a plus for us. I purchased this wig for her prom so we haven’t installed it yet. I’ll update the review after that. As of now, I highly recommend this wig.
   03/20/2018, By Myke
Wow! This is a unique hair . Have got so many compliment .Have bought so many wigs but this one is perfect . No shedding .Thumps up to you Amy . I will surely buy another from you guys .
   03/19/2018, By Donna Scruggs
This is by far the best wig I’ve ever purchased. The hair is so full and soft & the price for such a quality wig is phenomenal. I purchased a wig a year ago from a different company for $360. Not only did it take forever to get shipped (because they forgot to ship it) but the wig was absolutely horrible in so many ways. I paid a lot cheaper for this wig and literally feel like I got way more for my money plus I got it in 2 days. I am extremely pleased! I will definitely be ordering from this company again.
   03/19/2018, By Sharonda Harris
Bought the wig about 3 weeks ago. Very good quality. Very pleased. Medium-large size cap. Arrived on time. Hair is not shedding or bunching up around the neck. Have washed a few times.

I would probably purchase again. Per the seller, each wig is hand-made, and those making the wigs have different skill sets. So each wing isn't going to have the same quality. If I purchase again, there's a chance that I might get a different quality wig. So I'd check the seller's return policy first.
   03/17/2018, By Selena Burks
This the first time ever I am buying a wig that I won’t have to bleach the knots. I was rather impressed with the hair. No smell and oh my!!! The hair is so soft.

I did run my hands through the hair many times and nothing came out which is a huge plus for me.

The hair came very fast and was well packaged with wig caps and a wig stand

*First time buying hair from here and so far so good!
   03/17/2018, By Shoe Queen
Love this hair!!!! It’s full and has a nice natural parting. The hair is a little frizzy but when i co washed it with cold water and Dove Conditioner and I sprayed some Wet and Wavy Frizz Free spray on this unit which works miracles! Overall I do love this wig and will be buying more from this company!
   03/17/2018, By Miss CAM
first time with this company absolutely love the wig. Had caramel highlights add took really well. Will definitely be ordering again. Hair is so soft and wig fits perfectly giving it five stars
   03/16/2018, By R G
Get this wig! After I bleached the knots, the hair looked like it was growing from my scalp. The density is nice and full. The hair is soft and curls easily. I love it!
   03/15/2018, By Deborah Johnson
I️ love this wig the hair is very soft and natural looking.
   03/15/2018, By patricia samone
i received my unit today and it came in a beautiful slightly tight curl , super soft .. no smell . .. i played around with the curls by finger combing them & boy oh boy the volume . i then proceeded TO wet the hair so ican see the curl pattern in its original state , when i say gorgeousssss , thats an understatement. The hairline has been preplucked perfectly, looks really good even with the lace still attached .
I will keep you guys updated on the hair as time goes by. Im excited to see this beautiful 22” straight!
   03/14/2018, By Yulanda Haddix
This hair is soo soft and beautiful. I can't wait to install it. I just received it. I ordered it on Sunday and received it in Tuesday around noon. Beautiful texture.. Great texture..
   03/14/2018, By Yolanda Silas
I absolutely love this wig...hair is soft and very minimal shedding... I am not a hairdresser not even close but all I did was bleach the knots with very minimal plucking. I will buy again!
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