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   05/26/2018, By Darrell M.
My first lace wig ever purchased! My 360 Lace Wig 22' Italian Yaki Free Part Natural, arrived today. It has lace all around perimeter. 6 clips and tightening band.The hair is so soft thick just how I like it in 180 Density. I am very pleased with this hair. Awaiting my glue so I could Rock this unit ASAP! I've taken pictures before cutting lace I couldn't wait.
   05/25/2018, By liza
sooooooo natural. i got the wig and color it. Love this product .
   05/25/2018, By Tamara Bell
I bought this wig after not wearing a wig for 3 years. I wanted something that looked like my own natural hair. When I got the wig, I was more than surprised. It was soft, super thick and fit good. I installed it and it was a perfect fit. The hair definitely feels like black girl hair and is easy to work with. I feel it is made with good quality hair, the lace is soft and does not scratch my skin. The density at the top I pretty thick, so if you don’t like real thick hair get a lower density. My wig is 14” and the perfect length. I usually get it too long and have to cut it. Overall, I love my new wig and the packaging and service was great!
   05/21/2018, By Margaret
I love the fullness and the texture makes it easy to make customizable styles. I would buy again!
   05/20/2018, By Doris
Great hair, great price....I've gotten a ton of compliments and will be ordering again
   05/20/2018, By Deborah Hurdle
This wig is amazing! Fast delivery and comes in a neat packaging. There is no smell and no shedding when you run your fingers thru the hair. The hairline is pre-plucked and can be customized. Takes dye and coloring easily. The lace is soft and easy to tint. This is a great vacation wig!

I will update once I install. I will be getting it professionally installed.
   05/20/2018, By ChelleNC
I LOVE this unit!
- Its very soft, natural brown, it is a true 18" and is dense enough to cover my head.
- I can wet the hair and add mouse for a wavy look, or comb out for a large Diana Ross look
- I bleached the knots, re-plucked the hairline (it came plucked, but I wanted a more natural look)
- I redid the baby hair (the baby hair was too long for my liking, but was there and nicely done)
- I'm confident I can make a ponytail work as well - I will gel down the back tonight and see how comfortable I feel wearing it up
   05/19/2018, By Katie Emanuel
Husband bought this item for me love it! Quick delivery will order again.
   05/19/2018, By
Husband bought this item for me love it! Quick delivery will order again.
   05/18/2018, By Kevin Orange
just got it, love the wig.
   05/18/2018, By Stephanie Gettridge
This was my first time ordering a human hair wig. I do my own sew ins and they can be tedious. I decided in order a wig so i could maintain my own hair more frequently. The hair holds curls and the frontal is great. I would definitely purchase from this vendor again!
   05/16/2018, By Nekky
Okay so I don't understand how this wig have any negative comments. Nonetheless,I love my wig! It's soft, it flows, it looks just like my real hair! My special someone loves it too! I will be ordering from this company again. Thank you so much!!
   05/16/2018, By MELISSA
I just got this wig last week and I absolutely love it! So far I haven’t experienced any shedding while combing/brushing. I was a bit hesitant at first because I noticed a few reviews that the wig was a bit tight but luckily for me it’s the perfect fit. I’ll keep everyone updated after some time passes!
   05/16/2018, By Alona Maria
Blown Away - FANTASTIC WIG!!
I ordered 12" Yaki Natural color. They've mechanically texturized the hair somehow to have less shine and more of a natural, silky coarse yaki feel, which is great - for a second you'd think it was synthetic, but it's human hair - you can tell when you flat iron, the normal smell of human hair being heated and a few stray grays.. The bangs are very generous - I left them uncut in the pics, but Ill be trimming it so my brows show. I will also be coloring this with some honey blonde ombre streaks. Will do a follow up. You'll want to wear it a bit so it conforms to your head and make sure your hair is super flat so it's not too thick at the top - I hadn't smoothed my TWA down and I don't wear a wig cap, so it's puffier than I would like for a straight look.
   05/15/2018, By Beatrice Kpator
I just received my hair and very excited! First I will say this hair beautiful and more than what I expected. I was a little scared ordering this hair because I haven't had a 360 lace wig so I was online all night reading reviews and doing research. Then I finally decided to go with this hair and I think I made the best choice. This hair feels like black peoples natural hair (my real hair is all natural so I was looking for something that looks like my hair for a protective style). I haven't experienced any shedding since I got it. The hair is very full and thick. This hair comes pre-plucked ( As you will see in my pictures below)I am really happy with my order. I love this hair and I can't wait use it. The only thing I don't like is that the cap is a little big for me.
   05/15/2018, By Alisha J Coletta
This is not a drill ladies and !!! LOVE This hair!!!! There is always a concern when ordering hair from here, BUT let me just say this hair is amazing! It is just the yaki thick texture that I desired. The density is great! as you can see in the pic that I hold the hair in a pony tail. I am going to bleach the knots on this wig so I will post the final pic with me in the wig later this week. The quality is GREAT! I am definitely going to order again!
   05/15/2018, By TerrieG
I love this wig! It is so silky, and the color is beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it to work tomorrow I know that I will get many compliments. I am going to only buy from this seller. 5-star product and 5-star service from the seller. I had questions about the product, and they answered me within a short period. Don't look elsewhere, buy this wig! I am a happy and delighted customer.
   05/14/2018, By Chrisbell
I love this wig, although it didn't come pre plucked. But plucking was easy for me. I recommend this company
   05/12/2018, By Nicole Johnson
This is truly the best hair bargain I have ever had. I purchased a 22inch full lace unit and it has great density and minimal shedding. I was little skeptical about it being virgin hair but this is 100% virgin hair with a great lusture. I am definitely purchasing again and have told all of my friends to buy!
   05/12/2018, By Mika
I got the Lace Front 130% Density Naturl Color 14inch. I wish I got a thicker density but satisfied with the wig overall. It was comfortable on my big head. I don't feel I need to color it. The only thing that I didn't like is that I couldn't curl the ends the way I wanted even when I increased the heat a bit.

I love the lace front and how natural it looks. My best friend couldn't believe it was a wig. The hair is really soft and easy to get a part to fit my face and style. I might leave some of my real hair out later, but for right now it's not needed. I put my entire head in cornrows except for a tad bit in front which is tucked under the wig for now. I'm planning on doing this protective style for a few months until my hair grows out good and I can do a nice trim to my real hair.

I will buy this again, just thicker.
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