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   08/19/2021, By Alice Smith
I’ve been buying hair from this company for awhile now and I jus love their hair .Great Quality,You wouldn’t have to do much to match it with your hairline . I’m a for sure customer and will be ordering again . I’m a hairstylist and I know and can recognize good hair when I see it .
   07/04/2019, By Brenda Jones
How long it’s takes to come
   06/20/2019, By Zeeka
I bought this wig in 2013 and it is still holding up. Excellent quality with minimal shedding.
   12/13/2018, By Krystal Davis
the hair is pretty right out the package (it does have a faint smell) but once you co wash it, the hair is soooooo soft and manageable no tangling or shedding ,they also did off repair wigs for free  during 3 months ,so love their service,I will definitely order from Classic Hair again.. thank you thank you !!!
   09/21/2018, By KrystalDavis
I am IN LOVE with this hair! This is my first ever human hair lace front wig and I will be buying from them again
   12/07/2018, By Jolie
Shipping was super fast. So getting into the hair... I ordered an 24in full lace light yaki #2. I've ordered from this vender a few times before but ordered the wrong wig. I wanted for sure to get this light yaki wig because the first time I bought it it was phenomenal!

So this hair texture deserves a 5 star! Absolutely beautiful hair! Just like my hair when blown out /permed.

Hair shredded about 4 strains... (more than the first one I bought which was PERFECT NO SHEDDING)

But I was expecting to see bleached knots and a beautiful hairline.... but it didn't live to my expectations. The hair line looked put together fast.... and it looks soooo fake. The knots aren't bleached and look like fake wig. I think I should have added the silk top for sure .

I also do not like the construction... while the full lace cap with no combs is better... this one (cap 2) around the hairline there's something visible and can stop me from putting it up in a pony tail. Also , when it says full lace,, but don't have lace in the back? Next I will order a glue cap and silk top. But overal this vendor is still my go to and I will be ordering another one of this exact wig (but with silk top) next time
   09/17/2018, By Amanda Suggs
Wanted to really give this wig some time before posting a review even tho the seller offered a reduce price for a review. I’ve just started wearing wigs coz I wanted to give my hair a break from all the processing. I must really admit after wearing this wig everyday for two weeks it’s still as beautiful as the day I first got it! Initially taking it out the package it was a bit shapeless but I got my straightener and within literally 5 mins it was ready to wear. I loved that the bangs were long and I could shape it to my satisfaction. Overall awesome buy!!
   08/24/2018, By Jennifer Fields
I was so nervous purchasing the wig . I really thought I would be disappointed but I was way wrong I love the texture of the hair it looks real and full the size medium was just right for my head . I haven't experimented on the wig yet but I know once I dye it the color I want it to be it's going to be marvelous. The service was right on time ut actually came way before the delivery date which was awesome!! ...I recommend this hair
   06/20/2018, By Annie smith
i will be buying this wig again but it will be longer. I purchased 18 inches. Hair is soft and beautiful.
   06/09/2018, By Diamond Monè
It's really soft. Just gets tangled however, I still love it. I will definitely be buying another one! Thank you
   06/06/2018, By Nicky
I really love the full lace wig! It look and feels real. It thin but looks natural. I have not experience any shedding as of yet
   06/05/2018, By SHARIE L. TORRES
I love this wig. The cap is a little big and did not fit my head, but not a problem because I sewed on an strap. The hair is soft and pretty. Tangling and matting not a problem so far. It does hold a curl. The hair is not full but if you are going for a natural look it is perfect. I got 22inch, I've only worn it a week and so far I would say it is worth the money considering wigs are very costly. I did have to slight pluck the hair line to look more realistic. I did not need to bleach the knots because the wig cap is a nice brown. For some, you might add concealer but I did not. I strongly recommend this company for this wig.
   06/02/2018, By Paul angeleine
Its my first wig i love it
   05/31/2018, By Kk
This hair was very nice quality, I've had it now for a little over a month and it still feels soft and silky, little shedding. Just make sure you wash it with a good quality conditioner now and then. let it airdry  Hair is very thick.
The only thing I would recommend is getting a smaller wig if you are a smaller girl. I weigh 90 lbs 4'11, got the standard size and it is a little loose.
   06/07/2018, By Molly jennings
Hi im a prompter on instagram for lace wigs and i would love to promote this product for my page
   05/31/2018, By brenda smith
First let me say, Iove love love this wig! When I first received it, no smell, but looked a little thin. Once I tried it on it was perfect. The hair is so soft and true virgin hair. It does not tangle and is very easy to manage, looks good wet or dry. The hair is just amazing. I plan to order more from this company. I am always nervous about ordering hair online, but I am sold as a customer for life. Lastly the unit looks very natural I can wear it in any style including braids or all to one side. Ladies this is a must buy. I'm still wearing it two months later which is unlike me. I change my hair all the time, but this wig is so versatile. :)
   05/30/2018, By Candice M.
Still working on the lace front and overall fit but nice quality and natural look.
   06/30/2018, By Eunice Hurdle
I had my unit installed today. I love it, the hair is so soft. My beautician fell in loves with my hair and how the curls just flow. She wet my hair and styled the unit. I would purchase another unit. My hairstyle is purchasing one for herself too.
   05/28/2018, By Naomie
I love this wig the hair is so nice and soft I Especially love the baby hair action in the back .This is my first wig from your company I love it !!
   05/28/2018, By Yolanda Bean
...Came in less than 48hrs, hair looks & feel fab, length is long, I ordered the 20” which seems longer but I won’t complain,the curl pattern is nice,there’s no smell, ran my fingers thru it & there was no shedding so far,the wigs Constrution is good, no loose threading,or imperfections visible, I will update my review after customization & installation...
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