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Customer Reviews
   11/05/2022, By Steven
This wig saved my vacation.
I'm super impressed with the quality and ease of use. I attached how I wore the hair during my vacation and even how it looked after I dipped my head in the water. One thing to note is that it dries pretty quickly and beautifully.
   11/02/2022, By Nikita S
I like the softness and texture of the unit 16 length. Less shedding. I will purchase this unit again. Also will tell my friends.
   10/27/2022, By Crystal
This closure melts very nicely, (washed & reused it, no problem each time)… I was impressed ❤️
   10/24/2022, By Sheila Noye
I will say that this is a very LIGHT yaki. I looked textured but definitely not kinky textured. It's more of a bone straight relaxer texture.
   10/24/2022, By Dazhane D
My second order came the same way,thicker towards the ends and darker in color. Length appear to be spot on if not longer. The 20 inch looks like it falls like a 22 inch.
   09/30/2022, By Angela
I am getting married next month and wanted my hair up so I was looking for 360. This wig did not disappoint.
My only complaints are that I wish I’d ordered it longer-I ordered an 18in…wish I went with the 20 or 22.
   08/23/2022, By Lala
This is the best silk base wigs I have ever bought. I 've had it for about 6 months now. Great quality hair.
   08/23/2022, By Wilda Kore
Just received this wig in 16” and it is AMAZING! quality hair!
   08/03/2022, By tiffany weathers
I love this hair OMG. Very soft length true to size. Minimal shedding! I will definitely order again!!!
   04/08/2022, By Monica
It’s so natural, and it comes pre plucked.There are no split ends and no short hairs on the frontal.
   04/06/2022, By Malayah
This hair is good quality. Very soft and takes heat well. The hair has no smell I highly recommend!!
   03/25/2022, By Pamela
The hair is all the vendor say it is.
It was very pretty, soft, and shockingly barely had any split ends.
   03/25/2022, By MaKayla
The hair came out better than expected. The hair is soft it’s not thick but it’s not thin either! Easy to maintain
   03/24/2022, By Myracle Harris
The hair is thick and full which is to my preference,and the curl pattern is gorgeous.
   03/15/2022, By Debra
I love this closure!! The hair is soft it looks like a human scalp this is what I live best about the closure.
   03/02/2022, By Renee Royal
I love the texture , it’s really soft . I’m a black woman and it feeels just like my real hair.
   02/28/2022, By keishell
I brought this lace frontal to make a lace wig and I’m very pleased with my purchased, recommend 10/10
   02/23/2022, By Mandy Smith
The best online hair purchase. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and would definitely buy it again. It lasted a great length of time, it washes and recovery’s well and it had little to no shedding. Could have been reused.
   02/22/2022, By Latisha Ward
As always I’m very pleased with the purchase,Bundles are always full, thick and no smell to their product.
   01/20/2022, By Jasmine love
classiclacewigs curly hair strands are long from root to tip,There is also no tangling or bunching of hair in the nape area.
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